Discovery Fast Track Challenge and Discovery Partnerships with Academia (DPAc)

About the Discovery Fast Track Challenge

The Discovery Fast Track Challenge recognizes and rewards innovative concepts, discoveries and research by investigators at research institutions, colleges and universities. Winning investigators will collaborate with a team of our scientists to put their innovative research concept on an accelerated drug discovery path. We will provide state-of-the-art capabilities and scientific expertise. Promising results may lead to an opportunity for the investigator and institution to collaborate with us to create a novel medicine with the Discovery Partnerships for Academia (DPAc).

About DPAc

DPAc represents a new approach to early drug discovery. The concept is simple but powerful: bring together the insight and deep scientific expertise of the academic world with the drug discovery expertise of GSK to establish truly integrated partnerships that can translate innovative research into medicines that benefit patients. GSK drug discovery experts and innovative academic scientists operate as a joint team, working towards common goals with open sharing of information. In a negotiated, established DPAc project, GSK will provide financial rewards as pre-defined pre-clinical and clinical milestones occur. In cases where a project leads to the successful launch of a medicine, financial returns will be shared through royalty payments. GSK’s experienced DPAc scientists co-lead these collaborations and co-ordinate the application of GSK’s resources onto each project.