Boston Challenge.

Collaborate with GSK drug discovery scientists.

Your idea. Our resources.

Do you have a drug discovery concept? Are you a principal investigator affiliated with a research institution, college or university in the Boston vicinity (within 150 miles of the Massachusetts State House in Boston)? Are you excited about working collaboratively with a leading pharmaceutical company to translate your novel science into a new medicine? Are you interested in screening a large library of small molecules against your therapeutic target of interest?

If so, the Discovery Fast Track Challenge is right for you.

A winning concept.

Tell us about your drug target, therapeutic hypothesis and novel medicine vision. Our expert panel of judges will evaluate each submission, selecting up to six winners in the greater Boston area. If your concept is chosen, a team of GSK scientists will collaborate with you to screen your target, and you or a delegate will have the opportunity to obtain hands-on screening experience in GSK’s laboratories in Waltham, MA. We will share key results from the screen with the goal of providing you with high-quality chemical probes to allow further exploration of the target towards a potential new medicine. In addition, you could pursue promising results in collaboration with our Discovery Partnerships with Academia (DPAc) team.

Winners will benefit in multiple ways:

  • We will assay your target using our DNA-encoded compound library, containing over a trillion unique compounds tagged by specific DNA sequences, to discover active compounds.
  • We will work with you to triage and interpret the data output. GSK then will resynthesize hits without DNA tags, and the principal investigator will confirm and characterize the functional activity of the hits.
  • We may provide chemical structures of selected chemical probe(s) to help further your research and potentially lead to high-impact publications (subject to structures being identified and to GSK’s existing internal and external obligations).¹
  • Promising results may lead to an opportunity for you and your institution to collaborate with the Discovery Partnerships with Academia (DPAc) team to create a novel medicine.

To get started, create your Discovery Fast Track account.

¹ Subject to GSK's ‘existing internal and external obligations’ means that GSK has no other GSK R&D programs working on the compound and that the compound is not bound by an external collaboration agreement between GSK and a third party, whereby GSK is not permitted to transfer or relinquish these compounds.