How Discovery Fast Track works

Questions to ask before you enter:

Do you have a clear therapeutic hypothesis?

We are looking for a coherent and supportable hypothesis to develop a medicine that would provide therapeutic benefit to particular groups of patients.

Do you have a defined target?

You should have identified a specific protein drug target linked to a disease and be able to propose why modulating this target with a small molecule could provide an effective and safe therapy.

Do you have purified tagged protein reagent (polyhistidine, FLAG, biotin, GST)?

We are looking to initiate the collaboration immediately after announcing winners of the Boston Challenge. Therefore, principal investigators must be able to provide their target as purified tagged protein reagent in at least a 1 mg quantity with suitable characterization of purity and function.

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, then the Discovery Fast Track Boston Challenge is a great opportunity for you. If you wish to propose a biological as a therapeutic, you may want to reach out to GSK’s Discovery Partnerships with Academia (DPAc) team. If you wish to propose a vaccine, technology or delivery system, you may want to review other opportunities for GSK Partnerships.

Workflow for Discovery Fast Track Boston Challenge

chart: Workflow for Discovery Fast Track Boston Challenge

The submission process.

Once the affinity selection and compound evaluations are is complete, four research outcomes are possible.

To get started, create your Discovery Fast Track account.