Discovery Fast Track Challenge 2013 winners

The 2013 North American Challenge winners are:

  • Prof. Sarah Ades, Pennsylvania State University: Anti-microbial agent class of antibiotic for gram negative bacteria
  • Prof. Myles Akabas, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University: New treatments for malaria
  • Prof. Lauren Brown and Prof. Scott Schaus, Boston University and Prof. Jim McKerrow, University of California, San Francisco: New treatments for leishmaniasis
  • Harvard Medical School. Winner’s name and area of science will not be announced.
  • Prof. Rahul Kohli, University of Pennsylvania: Design of antibiotics to overcome clinical resistance
  • Prof. Richard Leduc, Université de Sherbrooke: New treatments for iron overload diseases
  • Prof. Deborah O’Brien, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Regulation of male fertility
  • Prof. John Sondek, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: New treatments for metastatic epithelial cancers

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