Our winners speak

Thoughts from previous winners.

On working with GSK scientists…

I have absolutely loved working with the DPAc team. I have found them motivated and devoted to curing cancer. [My mentor] gave me insight into a process that was totally new for me regarding what was important and what wasn’t (to taking a drug discovery process forward).Prof. Maureen Murphy, The Wistar Institute

GSK’s engagement with us was terrific. We had a great camaraderie in our joint team. GSK was excited about my students—half of my lab went when the screen took place and the students got to help put plates on. It was great exposure.Prof. Rahul Kohli, University of Pennsylvania

On advancing their research…

To do this seriously and properly, and with some speed, entering the (Discovery Fast Track Challenge) was the logical next stage to help move the research forward.Prof. Andrew Lever, University of Cambridge

We see this as a huge need, clinically, and we think our screen could lead to a breakthrough drug for the treatment of resistant hypertension, which is growing worldwide.Prof. John Burnett Jr., Mayo Clinic

Without the GSK award, that would’ve been the end of the line for our screen of our target. Now we’ll be able to screen 1.7 million compounds at one time.Prof. John Sondek, University of North Carolina School of Medicine

It prompted us to look at the problem in a different way. Going through this whole process encouraged us to fine-tune the assays and really examine why we were doing certain things in a certain way. The challenge forces you to reevaluate your own thought processes and that’s always a good thing.Prof. Donna George, University of Pennsylvania

On taking advantage of GSK resources…

Working with GSK on the Discovery Fast Track will be transformative for our work. What we have is a very academic line of enquiry and we’ve made good progress, but what we don’t have are the tools to apply these learnings and try to modify how the pathway behaves and effects disease outcome.Prof. Michael Marber, King’s College London

Working with the Discovery Fast Track allows us to do screens in a way, and at a speed, that is just not possible in academia. It also provides access to new technologies, the likes of which will be essential for taking this project forward.Dr. Geerten P. van Nieuw Amerongen, VU University Medical Center

When you see the scale of the enterprise, it’s humbling; it’s really impressive. And it’s not something that could easily be matched in academia.Dr. Simon D. Wagner, University of Leicester

With GSK, we can screen hundreds of millions of compounds to look for inhibitors aimed at our target. Not many people are around with millions of compounds to screen in an efficient manner.Prof. Richard Leduc, Université de Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada